Last Quarter Moon

Let whatever you do today be enough. As the moon shifts towards the darker nights of the Dark and New Moon let’s honor this time of release. Let go. Surrender to the moment and receive the gift of being present. Even if only for a few breaths. Yes, there is so much going on in our hearts, in our lives, and in the world! We are cleaning house. If anyone has ever done a spring clean you know that it usually gets really messy before it gets better. That’s where we are all at right now. And yes, its a big mess! Don’t let it consume you. Don’t let it steal your precious moments. Allow yourself to be in a process. Trust that you are supported as you make these transitions and transformations! The dark moon is September 17th and you will want to continue releasing until then. Think of it as digging a hole in the ground before you plant a seed. You are making space to bring in the new. If you are new to working with the moon cycles or just want a little extra support for these shifts you are invited to connect with me in Cosmic Guidance for Empaths

private FB group. If you are ready to dive deeper and really shift into your highest potential, there are 3 spots still available for weekly Angel Card Life Coaching with Melanie Morrison. They are temporarily set at a very low price of $45 for 60min + session. These sessions are only for those who are ready to do the inner work to step into their full potential. Angel Card Life Coaching session will include a full psychic reading and as well as energy healing work. If you have any questions or want more information, feel free to email

Until then, let whatever you do today be enough, allow yourself to be in a process and be gentle with yourself.

Big LoVe,

Melanie Morrison

Sacred Shifts LLC

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