Manifesting with the Moon : Leo New Moon

Have you been in a bit of a cave these previous months? Perhaps you’ve needed to curb social media and social distancing has compounded those feelings of isolation. Leo may give you just the push you need to peek out on social media or call friends to say hello again and even “I’m back!”.

When the moon grows dark emotions tend to deepen and this Leo moon is sure to be especially good for bringing up feelings around self-confidence and how we shine our light in this world. On the surface Leo might give us the nudge to freshen up our look but as we dive deeper it might be encouraging us to find and/or fulfill your purpose and passion projects. Leo energy is quite dramatic and even karmic in nature so now might be a good time to put old squabbles to bed, release old wounds, and grudges for a long winter with more peace.

As we step into the new moon energy its import to think of two things…

What can I let go of? Think of it as digging a hole to create space for planting.

What would I like to bring into my life? Think of it as planting a seed.

Leo energy supports us as we as questions like:

How can I show up and shine my light in a world that feels so unstable sometimes?

How can I experience more peace?

Do I need to forgive myself and or others?

What is my true hearts desire?

Mantras for this shift : I am supported by my life purpose. I can be the calm in the storm. I am worthy. I can do hard things. I stay in the now and enjoy each and every moment. This light within me was meant to shine!

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