Manifesting Your Twin Flame : Removing Blocks to Love

Soul Mate, Twin Flame, or True Love. No matter what you call this intimate partner it is a relationship expierence that is bound to change your life forever. It might surprise you to know that true love is often overlooked. In a society that over sensationalizes everything subtle cues are easily ignored. Often times it is our own personal blocks that keep us from seeing, receiving, feeling, and experiencing love deeply and passionately. After years of doing Romance Readings for those seeking love and or navigating the choices of the heart I have seen that more often than not, the deepest love comes unexpectedly. It grows subtly and nudges gently. It can be around the corner or right in front of your face but if you haven't cleared your blocks to love you may not see it. Even in a relationship you may not recognize it. If you are ready to shift your energy, feel your heart connect more deeply, and see more clearly this workshop may be exactly what you need.

Are you ready to remove blocks to love?

In a relationship or single this workshop will assist you in removing blocks that keep you from feeling, seeing, and passionately connecting to Love.

Release the energy that keeps you on an emotional roller coaster and clouds your ability to see, connect, open, and receive love.

Remove your blocks to LOVE, romance and PASSION!

•Stop repeating unhealthy relationship patterns

•Heal past heartbreaks

•Release past cords and old energy

•Open to receive true love fully and passionately

Manifest Your Twin Flame: Remove Blocks to LOVE

*Magic in Movement Workshop*

Sat. Feb 15 1:00-2:30pm

Abundant Space

10824 N 71st Pl, Scottsdale, AZ

**Includes Healing Heart Crystal & Twin Flame Reading($60 Value).

Early Bird Pricing ends January 30th

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