New Moon in Virgo

Time to rest, release, and reset. Virgos gift at this time is to remind you what foundations need to released or set in place. As the energy shifts towards a new season we are reminded to tend our roots. What have we been rooted in? As the world shakes shifts and changes we may find that the things that used to support us are no longer there or are in need of a update, revamp, or reboot. When looking back on the past year, if you find that the energy you invested no longer produces dividends, you may be feeling depleted. This includes but is not limited to, time, love, money, thoughts, and energy. Now is your chance to pull your energy out of things that no longer nourish you. It is time to reinvest into systems and foundations that support you and lovingly invite you to connect with your highest self and embrace your highest potential. Virgo New Moon invites us all to explore those feelings and aspects now.

Balance is achieved when our energy is aligned and rooted in divine. It is then, and only then, can we are equipped to weather the shifts and changes ahead, with grace. Nothing outside of us can ever permanently provide this kind of strength and support. Virgo invites you to strengthen your foundations and step into the Libra season in a way that brings more balance into your life.

These are turbulent times and a lot is shifting. If you are feeling a pull towards strengthening your intuition and or personal growth with guided support monthly Angel Card Life Coaching sessions with Melanie Morrison are now available.

Much Love,

Melanie Morrison

Sacred Shifts LLC

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